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D-Mannose (DMP5)

D-Mannose (DMP5)

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d-Mannose (DMP5) is a highly concentrated urinary tract support product that harnesses the power of a simple sugar found naturally in cranberries and pineapples. This unique formulation is designed to provide targeted support for maintaining a healthy urinary tract.

When consumed, d-Mannose is metabolized in small amounts by the body. The majority of it is then excreted through the urine, where it plays a crucial role in maintaining the optimal environment for the mucosal surface of the urinary tract. By doing so, it supports the overall health and function of the urinary system.

One of the key benefits of d-Mannose is its ability to provide concentrated support for proper urinary function. This active ingredient, derived from cranberries, has long been known for its positive effects on the urinary tract. With d-Mannose (DMP5), you can now harness the power of this natural ingredient in a highly concentrated form for maximum efficacy.

This product is especially beneficial for those who are prone to urinary tract issues or frequently experience discomfort and irritation in the urinary system. By regularly incorporating d-Mannose (DMP5) into your daily routine, you can provide targeted support to maintain a healthy urinary tract.

What sets d-Mannose (DMP5) apart is its high concentration, ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits with each dose. This means that you only need a small amount of this powerful formula to experience its effects. With its natural origin and concentrated formulation, d-Mannose (DMP5) offers a safe and effective way to support urinary tract health.

Whether you are looking to support your urinary health or want to proactively maintain a healthy urinary system, d-Mannose (DMP5) is the ideal solution. Discover the power of concentrated urinary tract support and take control of your urinary health with d-Mannose (DMP5).


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