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D-Mannose 500 mg 90 Capsules (P2811)

D-Mannose 500 mg 90 Capsules (P2811)

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Member Price: $32.99
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D-Mannose 500 mg 90 Capsules is a natural supplement that harnesses the power of D-Mannose, a simple sugar found in certain plants like cranberries. While our bodies metabolize a small amount of D-Mannose, the majority of it is quickly eliminated through the urine.

So how does D-Mannose benefit you? By adhering to unwanted foreign particles in the bladder, it prevents them from sticking to the bladder lining. This means that these particles can be easily flushed away during urination, promoting bladder health and comfort.

One of the great advantages of D-Mannose is that it is used in such small amounts by the body, so it doesn't interfere with blood sugar regulation. This makes it a safe and effective supplement for those concerned about their blood sugar levels.

Each bottle of D-Mannose 500 mg 90 Capsules contains 90 capsules, providing a convenient and sufficient supply for 30 servings. A serving size is 3 capsules, and each serving provides 1.5 g of D-Mannose. With only 6 calories and 1.5 g of total carbohydrate per serving, this supplement fits easily into any dietary plan.

The Protocol For Life Balance brand is known for its commitment to quality and safety. This product is made with the finest ingredients and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure potency and purity. It is suitable for vegetarians and is free from common allergens like gluten, soy, and dairy.

Maintaining a healthy bladder is crucial for overall well-being, and D-Mannose 500 mg 90 Capsules is a reliable and natural way to support bladder health. With its ability to prevent unwanted particles from sticking to the bladder, this supplement can help promote a more comfortable urinary experience. Add D-Mannose 500 mg 90 Capsules to your daily routine and experience the power of nature for yourself.


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