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Personalized functional medicine treatment plans for your specific needs. Compassionate and nurturing care based on science. Decades of experience & diverse education allow us to connect your symptoms with related organ systems. 

Lauren Minchen Nutrition

How Will Our Approach Help You?

  • Our website is an extension of our office.
  • Our licensed practitioners can help you to determine the most appropriate supplementation plan.
  • Our aim is to personalize your plan to suit your specific needs.
  • Our services can help you return to a more active lifestyle and reduce limitations or restrictions
  • that are related to your condition.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • We source the best professional line supplements available.
  • Our 40-plus years of experience in providing health and nutritional services makes helping you easier.
  • Our member only store provides industry insight, special offers and discounts, and exclusive member pricing.

We Accomplish This By:

  • Providing our members with convenient access to doctor-recommended supplements that are normally obtained through in-person doctor’s visits.
  • Membership enables free shipping, fast service, and instant access to the best prices.
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