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Our Potassium Capsules are a convenient and essential addition to your daily regimen. Packed with the vital mineral potassium, they support healthy muscle function, maintain proper blood pressure and aid in electrolyte balance. These easy-to-swallow capsules help ensure your body gets the potassium it needs for overall well-being. Prioritize your health with Potassium Capsules.

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  • Potasinase 100 caps (POT19) VitaminDecade | Your Source for Professional Supplements

    Potasinase 100 caps (POT19)

    Progressive Labs
    Potasinase 100 caps (POT19) is a powerful supplement formulated to provide your body with naturally chelated potassium. With each capsule, you can benefit from the incredible properties of Elemental Potassium, derived from Potassium Proteinate, as well...
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