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Thyroid Response Complete Care 90 Tablets (40107)


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Thyroid Response Complete Care 90 Tablets (40107) VitaminDecade | Your Source for Professional Supplements

Thyroid Response Complete Care is a synergistic combination of nutrients, herbs and trace mineral rich foods that support thyroid health and function.
Included are thyroid supportive nutrients such as iodine, selenium and the amino acid tyrosine.
Selenium has been shown in research to have a role as a component in the conversion of T3; iodine and l-tyrosine are required in the production of thyroid hormones.
The whole herb blend includes ashwagandha to support thyroid function; Sensoril, an ashwagandha extract, revitalizes metabolic processes associated with stress and fatigue.
Additional whole herbs include guggul to rejuvenate the thyroid; holy basil to enhance metabolic function; bladderwrack; and coleus forskohlii root, which contains forskolin, an activator of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate).
This premier thyroid formulation further includes additional foods, an immune blend and plant-sourced enzymes to enhance bioavailability.
A comprehensive, non-glandular solution, Thyr