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Restorative Formulations

T-Cell Balance Px 60 vcaps Restorative Formulations

T-Cell Balance Px 60 vcaps Restorative Formulations

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T-Cell Balance Px is a powerful supplement designed to restore balance to the immune system and support optimal liver function. This unique blend of natural compounds has been carefully chosen for their ability to stabilize the immune system without suppressing its healthy action.

One of the key ingredients in T-Cell Balance Px is Rehmannia Root Extract, known for its ability to promote equilibrium within the immune system. It helps reverse and calm an overactive immune response while still allowing the immune system to function properly. Rehmannia also increases the production of white blood cells and balances T and B lymphocyte biosynthesis. Additionally, its antioxidant properties protect the liver from oxidative damage.

Cordyceps Extract, a medicinal fungus, is another important component of this formulation. It not only displays antioxidant characteristics, but also has immune-modulatory activity. Cordyceps is well-known for its liver-protective properties and can combat carbon tetrachloride, a potent hepatotoxin.

Rosemary Extract, derived from the Laminacea (mint) family, contains rosmarinic acid which helps balance the activation of T-cells and neutrophils caused by allergic reactions. This herb also has powerful immuno-balancing effects without affecting T-cells or neutrophils in their resting state.

Each serving size of T-Cell Balance Px is two capsules, and each container contains 30 servings. The supplement includes the following minimum constituent bio markers per dose: 3.2mg of Rehmannia Catalpol, 11mg of Cordyceps Cordycepic Acid, and 160mg of Rosemary Rosmarinic Acid. The vegetable cellulose capsules ensure a vegan-friendly product.

Overall, T-Cell Balance Px is a premium supplement that combines the power of natural compounds to optimize immune system function and support liver health. It offers a safe and effective way to restore balance to the immune system and promote overall well-being.


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